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Favourite Chapter Books

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

“Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”
― Plato

My 6-years-old C is into chapter books at the moment. The type of books he likes are adventures and mystery / solving crimes / detectives, as well as anything related to outer space. The more adventures, the more he likes it, especially if the adventures happen in many different countries. He told me he likes the adventures because they give him the excitement (I guess he means suspense).

The way he explained to me: "The story begins with a problem or situation and the main character(s) try to get through the situation or solve the issue or the mystery".

Often I heard him screaming excitedly while reading when the main characters (good ones) manage to conquer the problems / enemies.

Here are his favourites:

#1 Geronimo Stilton by Elisabetti Dami, an Italian children’s books author.

This is really his most favourite by far. There are many Geronimo books - Geronimo Stilton series, Thea Stilton series, Cavemice, Spacemice, Heromice, Micekings, and special editions. C likes all of them. In total there are about 150 books and he has read close to 100 books.

Their adventures happen in different places around the world - some examples are Down and Out - Down Under is in Australia, The Karate Mouse in Japan, Field Trip to Niagara Falls in America, Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, Race Across America, etc.

Sometimes, the problem is somehow relevant to the current world issue and I think that's what C likes. For example, in Thea Stilton and the Ice Treasure, the Thea sisters go to Alaska to attend a conference held by ecological association. But there is a problem - the Thea Sisters find out that someone is upsetting the ecosystem by blowing up the ice with explosives.

There is one character in Thea Stilton series that C likes. Her name is Nicky, who was born in Australia and came to Whale Island to study at Mouseford Academy, where she met her best friends, Paulina, Colette, Violet and Pamela. Nicky is a brave young mouselet and loves nature.

#2 Fox Investigates by Adam Frost, a British author.

The main character is Wily Fox, the world's greatest detective - who solve crime in record time! The crimes happen in various places around the world. There are six books in this series :

- From the pyramids of Egypt to the Grand Canyon, USA, detective Wily Fox is racing to uncover a Pharaoh’s long-lost treasure before it’s stolen.

- From the landmarks of London to the castles of Poland, detective Wily Fox refuses to be spooked by the sightings in a top West-End theatre.

- From the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of Australia, detective Wily Fox is hunting down the animal chef who's fixing the results of TV cookery show, Megachef .

- From the skyscrapers of New York to a village in the Amazon jungle, detective Wily Fox is on the trail of the real Simon Sheep.

- From the canals of Venice to the mountains of China, detective Wily Fox is on a mission to sniff out the thief of a precious perfume recipe.

- From the galleries of Paris to the palaces of Moscow, detective Wily Fox is on the trail of a stolen painting.

It's very obvious to me why C likes this series too. Two key words are world and crimes :-) Without doubt, Fox Investigates series is C's #2 favourite.

#3 Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, an American author.

There are Flat Stanley series written by Jeff Brown.

There are Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures written by different authors such as Sara Pennypacker, Josh Greenhut, and David Ross, based on the same character created by Jeff Brown, about Stanley traveling the world in some places like Egypt, Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico, China, Africa, France, etc.

Once again, the combination of the two key words world and adventures - these two are what he likes. Quickly Flat Stanley series become C's #3 favourite.

#4 Roald Dahl, a British author.

The first one C read is The BFG, a present he got from his Aunty M. He likes it and on his 6th birthday, he got more of Roald Dahl books from his Aunty M and his friend. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and its sequel Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator are probably his favourites.

#5 Nate The Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, an American children's writer.

Nate The Great, a boy detective, is the main character.

#6 Rider Woofson by Walker Styles

A dog detective is the main character.

#7 Commander Toad by Jane Yolen, an American writer of fantasy, science fiction, and children's books.

The series is a toad-themed parody of pop culture science fiction filled with puns. Star Wars is referenced with many puns on iconic Star Wars characters including Jake Skyjumper (Luke Skywalker), Deep Wader (Darth Vader) and Star Warts, the name of Commander Toad's ship. The books feature Commander Toad and his crew exploring the Galaxy for Starfleet, and each story is a different mission, a clear reference to Star Trek.

#8 Martha Speaks by Susan Meddaugh, an American and an author of many humorous and inventive books for children.

It's about a girl's pet dog named Martha, who has the ability to speak - and its adventures. One of them is Space Dogs, about Martha's adventure in space.

#9 Chook Doolan by James Roy, an Australian writer born in 1968 who writes primarily for young adults and children.

It's about a boy named Simon Doolan who is known as ‘Chook’ because he is chicken (scared) of everything. He lives with his big brother Ricky, his mum, his dad, a cat called Flexy-Lexy and a goldfish called Bruce. Chook Doolan series is more about simple day-to-day happenings.

For chapter books, I don't choose and pick them for C. He is the one choosing them himself from the school library and public library (near our home) and if he really likes them, he would ask me to borrow more titles within the same series. (He has limited quota).

For picture books, I often research, choose, and pick them for C but because he is such a bookworm, he always love whatever books I choose for him (except those about war, kids being separated temporarily from the parents, sad and touching stories, he doesn't want to read those at the moment as they make him feel very sad, he said. I avoid borrowing them).

Happy Reading!

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