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Our Story

I am the rabbit mum, otherwise known as Amelia

I'm a mother of one gorgeous boy, Callum, and a wife of a lovely husband, Michael.

Long time ago when I was still in high school, writing and journalism were my top two passions but soon forgotten when I went to university and then started to work in a multinational Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company. Corporate life was very hectic. There were lots of travelling with my job so travelling became my new passion. I traveled regularly for vacation and I tried to spend an extra day or two whenever I did my business trip to enable me to explore and enjoy new places. I resigned from corporate life six years ago after the arrival of my son so that I can look after him full time. I don't travel as much anymore since then and I spend my time mostly with and for him. I enjoy my time with him and constantly amused by his curiosity, out of the box questions, and logical thinking.

Time flies.

He spends longer time at school now and I thought it would be nice for me to do one of my passions again, to write (or to be precise start learning to write all over again). In this blog, I will write what I like most - reading (and researching books for my son whose biggest passion is reading and is a real book worm), baking (for my two eating monsters),

travelling, and my parenting adventures :-)

I hope my blog can be an inspiration for you!


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