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Favourite Chapter Books - Part 2

In my previous post (, I have listed down my son's favourite chapter books when he was almost 6 year old until 6.5 year old. In this post, I list down those he loves so much recently. He will turn 7 next month! :-)

#1 The Magic Schoolbus Science Chapter Book by various authors

I came across this series and borrowed The Great Shark Escape for C. It was a total hit! C instantly fell in love and requested me to borrow other titles in this series. At one point in time, we borrowed 14 books in our house. I can totally understand why he likes this so much. He loves science and adventures and this series provide both. Highly recommended, these books provide facts (non-fiction) in a fun and interesting way. There are 20 books in total and C has read 18 of them (all that is available in the library).

#2 Field Trip Mysteries by Steve Brezenoff and illustrated by Marcos Carlo

C is always very intrigued by problems / mysteries and how the characters solve the problems. There are 19 titles in this set but we haven't borrowed all of them for C.

#3 Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park and illustrated by Denise Brunkus

The first book I found from this series is Junie B., First Grader - Shipwrecked - and after reading this book, C told me he wants to read all other Junie B. Jones books. In addition to science, adventures, and mysteries, C has a very good sense of humour (he loves jokes books and making jokes have always been in his mind - funny, huh?). Junie B. Jones apparently is a young girl with friendly and funny personality.

#4 Julian by Ann Cameron

I borrowed Julian, Dream Doctor - and it was a hit. C asked me to borrow more of Julian books. The character, Julian, is a young boy with wild imagination.

#5 Arthur by Marc Brown

C loves Arthur series and when he was much younger, I've read him quite a few of Arthur picture books. Now he is into reading the chapter books. What I like about this series - and the same goes with C - is that Arthur stories are all about day-to-day events, things that could happen to any kids.

#6 Greetings From Somewhere by Harper Paris and illustrated by Marcos Calo

The main characters are 8 year old twins, Ethan and Ella, whose mother is a travel-writer (Oh, I like to do this job, too! :-)). They go traveling around the world and experience adventures / mysteries wherever they go (Italy, France, China, Kenya, India, Peru, Australia, Alaska, Greece). There are 10 books in this series, we still miss one (Peru).

#7 The Adventures of Jake, The Best Dog In the World by Annette & Nick Butterworth

C likes dogs so much and books with a dog as the main character is always interesting for him. I borrowed Jake Our Hero, and he loves it so much, asking me to borrow more of this series.

It's Christmas - usually Jake's favourite time of year. But something terrible is happening. His friends have been kidnapped. Can Jake rescue the other dogs in time for Christmas Day?

#8 Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton

C got his first Treehouse book, The 13th Story Treehouse from his Aunty M when we went for holidays in Australia in winter 2018. He absolutely loves it and when we're back from holidays, he asked me to borrow the 26th and the 39th. C's Grandma added his collection by sending him the 52th. These books contain many illustrations, so not just words pages after pages and they're really fun to read. After all, which kids don't like and dream of a treehouse? :-)

So many great books, so little time!

Happy Reading!

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