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Best Julia Donaldson Books

One of our family most favorite children's books author is Julia Donaldson. There are many great children books and authors out there but I think Julia Donaldson is a very special one. Her books offers interesting story lines with clever rhymes. Really good for kids to enrich language vocabulary.

We have read about 38 books and almost all of them are really amazing. My husband and I read most of them to our son when he was between 6 months old and 3 years old. The Room on the Broom is his first Julia Donaldson book, a present from his Australian Grandparents. Monkey Puzzle is his second, which I bought for him.

There are a number of illustrators for Julia Donaldson's books: Axel Scheffler, Lydia Monks, Karen George, Rebecca Cobb, David Roberts, Emily Gravett, Sara Ogilvie and some others.

Most of our favorite books were illustrated by Axel Scheffler. He also wrote nice series of Pip and Posy, very suitable for toddler below 2 years old. Simple story with simple sentences in each page.

Sharing with you, our Julia Donaldson's Top 10 books that we love most:

1) The Snail and The Whale (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - the adventure of a tiny snail and a humpback whale.

2) Zog (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - about a dragon who goes to a dragon school. He is the keenest and accident prone. He is always saved by a princess who doesn't want to be a princess and prefer to be a doctor.

3) Room on the Broom (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - about a witch and a cat flying on a broomstick. Along the way, different animals join them on the broom.

4) The Stick Man (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - about a stick man who was lost and separated from his family.

5) Tiddler (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - about a fish whose adventures always cause him to be late at school but no one really believes his stories.

6) The Gruffalo (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - about a smart little mouse tricking a fox, an owl, a snake, and a Gruffalo...

7) Tabby McTat (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - about a cat that is separated from his best friend, a busker.

8) Monkey Puzzle (illustrated by Axel Scheffler) - about a little monkey who lost his mum and searching for his mum.

9) Superworm (illustrated by Axel Scheffler)

10) The Paper Doll (illustrated by Rebecca Cobb)

The next group of books we love after the Top 10 above are:

11) The Gruffallo's Child - this is the sequel of The Gruffallo

12) Zog and the Flying Doctors - this is the sequel of Zog

13) Freddie and The Fairy - we find this quite entertaining. We had a good giggle reading this one. This is about a boy who tends to mumble when he speaks and a fairy who can't hear properly.

14) The Smartest Giant in Town

15) The Troll

The ones we don't enjoy are:

Scarecrow Wedding, The Highway Rat, Charlie Cook's Favourite Book, Tyrannosaurus Drip

Julia Donaldson's books are very enjoyable. She is really an amazing author. Hope you enjoy her books as much as we do!

Happy Reading!

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