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Atlas of Adventures

"A book is a magical thing that let's you travel to far away places without ever leaving your chair."
- Katrina Mayer

Another amazing book (there are too many! :-)) my husband bought for C and he absolutely loves it. Perhaps as he look at the illustrations and read it, he imagines himself travelling to those places around the world.

An 88 full-colour-pages book that covers Europe, North America, Central & South America, Asia & The Middle East, Africa, Australasia & Oceania, Antarctica. In every page, you will find out the different animals, people, and sights unique to each place.

However, not all countries or cities are covered. For example within Asia, there are only six placed covered - Monkey around in Nagano's hot springs, Set the world aglow at Hong Kong's Lantern Festival, Shower with an elephant in Chiang Mai, Paint yourself in a rainbow at Holi Festival, Be showered in cherry blossom, and Put your feet up in the Dead Sea.

Go to sleep under the Northern Lights

Sleep in an igloo with glass roof in Kakslauttanen, a small village in Finland, to enjoy the nature's most spectacular light show - the aurora borealis.

Brown bears, Tamaskan dogs, red fox, reindeer, snowy owls, red squirrels are the animals found there.

River raft down the Grand Canyon

Paddle your way down the rapids then head ashore and set off on a hike.

Rattlesnake, tassel-eared squirrel, black widow spider, male elks, black raven, coyotes, scorpions are among the 355 bird species, 89 mammalian species, and 56 reptile and amphibian species found in The Grand Canyon National Park, the home to some of North America's most diverse wildlife.

Australasia & Oceania, the world's smallest continent

Go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef

Sail into Sydney Harbour.

Have a barbie :-) on the beach on St Kilda.

Cuddle a koala.

See the sun set over Uluru.

Do the HAKA during Waitangi (New Zealand).

You get the idea now what this book is about. Very interesting. It takes you to travel around the world. To me, this is sort of like the children's version of the 501 Must-Visit Destinations.

Happy Reading!

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