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Tooth Fairy 1st Visit

Dear Tooth Fairy, Please do not take my tooth but please give me my money... - C -

It all began in October 2017, when I brushed my then 5.5 year old son, C, teeth before he went to bed. I noticed an adult tooth come in before the baby one falls out. It is one of his bottom central incisors, an adult tooth behind the baby tooth. I was a bit worried because as far as I remember, my baby teeth fell out first before the adult ones came in. I decided to take C to our Pediatric Dentist, a very lovely Australian lady. C was extremely nervous and he told me no matter what, he won't let the dentist pull out his baby tooth. He would be very angry.

The dentist explained to me that it is quite common and nothing to worry if it happens with the lower teeth. The baby teeth will eventually fall out and the adult teeth will move forward helped by the movement of the tongue, replacing the position of the baby teeth. There was no need for her to pull out C's baby tooth. It was such a relief! She gave C a teeth container (to keep his teeth in case they fall out) with a string attached (to wiggle his baby teeth).

Few months passed and nothing happened. By end of February, there were already two adult teeth and still nothing fall out. I told C to be ready for a dentist visit. He was not happy.

In the meantime, I came across this lovely story book April and Esme Tooth Fairies by Bob Graham. It is about young Tooth Fairies, named April and Esme, who did their first job of collecting a boy's tooth. I read this book to C and he likes it.

On Thursday, 1st of March, 2018, I brushed C's teeth before he went to bed when finally his baby tooth fell out for the first time! His reaction was not like what I thought or expected. He was very emotional and very sad and he cried in sadness. It broke my heart to see him crying like that.

I don't want to lose it, I want to keep it... I don't want Tooth Fairy to take it... the tooth that has helped me a lot during the first few years of my life - he said. He decided to write a letter to Tooth Fairy:

He also put a drawing:

He then put his precious tooth in the container and label it :-) Did you label yours when you were a kid? :-)

He put the tooth container under his pillow on his right and the letter on his left. Before he slept he told me : I am three-quarter (3/4) sad and one-quarter (1/4) happy.

He cried again before he slept and during his crying, he said:

Why my tooth fell out during night time (just after brushing his teeth). I have no more time to put a trap for the Tooth Fairy. If this happened in the morning, I still have time to put a trap.

C has been wondering if Tooth Fairy is real. He thinks it might actually be his Dad. I trust you mum, it is not you. But Dad... uhm, I am not sure, it might be him...

So he's been thinking to put a trap for the Tooth Fairy / Dad to find out :-D

He finally fell asleep. He woke up earlier than usual in the morning and very happy to find a letter from Tooth Fairy:

After school, he told me that he still feel sad thinking about his baby tooth and how it becomes jobless now - it has nothing to do anymore...

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