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A fun spelling game

I came accross this book in the library - A Very Witchy Spelling Bee - by George Shannon and illustrated by Mark Fearing. I borrowed it and read it to C. It's about a little girl, Cordelia, who loves to spell words. One day, there's a Spelling Bee and although she's still very young, she wanted to join to compete with the most recent winner who have won thirteen times, Beulah Divine, age 203.

The rules of the competition are pull a letter our of the bowl, choose something onstage and spell it, cast a spell that transforms what you chose into something new, and finally spell the new word.

M --- to turn I-C-E into M-I-C-E

C --- to turn L-O-C-K into C-L-O-C-K

S --- to turn H-O-E into S-H-O-E

R --- to turn S-H-O-E into H-O-R-S-E

L --- to turn M-A-P into L-A-M-P

Many participants gave up until the last two standing were Cordelia and Beulah Divine. Finally, after so much spelling, Cordelia came out as the winner!

C enjoyed this book so much and had a good laugh. At the end of the reading session (and many days after) he asked me to play this game with him. I gave him a word - he spelled it - I gave him a letter - he had to form a new word to include the additional one letter - then spelled the new word. We both had a lot of fun! What a fun way to learn to spell.

R --- to turn C-O-W into C-R-O-W

O --- to turn G-O-D into G-O-O-D

E --- to turn M-A-T into T-E-A-M

W --- to turn H-A-T into W-H-A-T

A --- to turn S-E-T into S-E-A-T

Happy reading and have fun!

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