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The Appetizing Sushiro

Japanese food is definitely one of our family favourites and almost every week my 6 years old son wants us to take him to Sushi Tei or Genki Sushi. While I like both of them too, we need a new alternative. We found this small but nice sushi bar called Sushiro at Thomson Plaza - that always have long queue not only on weekends but even on weekdays.

My husband always order one of their hero item, Bara-chirashi Don (Assorted seafood cube over sushi rice). I have tried it once, too. It tastes quite good! This is probably one of the cheapest Bara-chirashi Don you can get in town with quite a good quality. He would also have Unagi sushi nigiri. Yummy!

My son always order Yakitori Don (Skewered Teriyaki Chicken over rice). I tasted this (from my son's bowl) and it's tender and juicy. I like this one, too.

It seems like I am the more adventurous one :-) as I have tried many different dishes and I love them all. Salmon Mentaiyaki Don (Torched Salmon with Mentaiko dressing over rice) is my favourite - I have a soft spot for Mentaiko. The moment I see the word "Mentaiko" I could not concentrate looking at the other dishes :-)

I have tried Tokyo Gyuniku Don (it's quite good) as well as Tori Katsu Don (it's just so so). As for the sushi nigiri, I always order Sake Aburi (salmon). This is my favourite. It tastes delicious! I also have tried Sake Belly Aburi, Sake Mayo Aburi, and Sake Mentai (also very nice). I like the taste of their sushi rice, very tasty.

Overall, the food is good and reasonably priced (we usually spent around $50 for the three of us). The only downside is the place is cramped and the queue is always long. If you go there by yourself (just one person), it's easier to get a table but you will be asked to share a table with someone else (as in the one sitting in front of your face is someone you don't even know!) when the counter table is not available - unless you are willing to wait until counter table becomes available.

Happy Dining!

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