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Orange Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

Lindt Intense Orange Dark Chocolate is one of my favourite and this gives me an idea of making Orange Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting. The combination of the zesty cupcake and the dark chocolate are so perfect! Can't stop at one! I made this cupcakes for my son's teacher's 60th birthday, Ms. V. She is such a lovely lady and I am happy to be able to celebrate her birthday in the class with the kids.


For the cupcakes - use the same recipe as Orange Cake (refer to my previous post)

For the chocolate ganache:

100 gr Lindt 70% mild dark chocolate

100 gr Lindt milk chocolate

240 ml thickened whipping cream


1. Break the chocolates into pieces.

2. Bring heavy cream to a simmer on the stove top, stirring occasionally. Just as soon as you see a simmer, remove from heat and poor over chocolate pieces, swirling the bowl to make sure all pieces are covered.

3 .Place lid on chocolate chips to trap the heat and let sit undisturbed (no mixing) for 5 minutes. Remove lid and swirl the chocolate chips with a whisk starting in the center and working outward until smooth.

4. Once it’s velvety, let it sit uncovered at room temperature for about 15 minutes. At this point, you can use it to glaze your cake (I did this with the 2 cupcakes) but since I prefer to use the ganache as a frosting, I keep the bowl in the fridge for about 15-30 minutes until it's thickened and won't fall when scooped with a spoon.

5. Place required nozzle in the piping bag then scoop the chocolate ganache.

6. Decorate the cupcakes


Use good quality chocolate. It really makes a big difference.

For this recipe, I mixed 70% mild dark chocolate with milk chocolate because these are for kids. If you prefer not too sweet taste, you can use all 70% mild dark chocolate.

Don't use chocolate chips especially those with less than 60% cocoa - the chocolate ganache doesn't set as nice and as quickly.

Happy Baking and Happy Decorating!

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